Chef Kwame Onwuachi

Raised in the Bronx, with roots in Nigeria, Trinidad, and Jamaica, Kwame Onwuachi has lived many lives—subway candy hawker, self-funded caterer, groundbreaking restaurateur, James Beard Award-winner—all before the age of thirty, and all chronicled in his powerful memoir, Notes from a Young Black Chef.

The common thread across all his endeavors is an unbridled sense of energy, focus, and dedication to storytelling; be it exploring his West-African, Caribbean, and Creole heritage through cuisine, or his star turn as a contestant, and now judge, on Top Chef.

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Escovitch Steak
with Jerk Broccoli, Peppers & Coconut Rice

Jamaican inspired, chef crafted

Conjure the Caribbean with a single bite of chef Kwame Onwuachi’s escovitch steak for Freshly —a modern riff on a Jamaican classic, dripping with a sweet, tart, and spicy sauce, plus sides of jerk broccoli, mini sweet peppers, and caramelized onion coconut rice.

Typically made with fish, escovitch is reimagined by Kwame with a signature twist of juicy seared steak. Not to be outdone, an otherwise humble broccoli side gets a similar transformation with a smoky-spicy, ten-ingredient jerk marinade normally reserved for star proteins.

Chef Jet Tila

Born into the ‘first family’ of Thai food in Los Angeles, Jet Tila’s culinary rise was practically written in the stars. Mind you, his path wasn’t exactly linear. Detours included textbook teenage rebellion and dreams of joining the police force, but when push came to shove in his late 20s, he couldn’t deny the richness of his Thai-Chinese upbringings—his birth luck.

Fast forward to today and Jet’s signature brand of cooking and storytelling reaches millions of people a year through his books, restaurants, and appearances across Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped, and Beat Bobby Flay, among others.

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Kung Pao Steak
with Basmati Rice & Toasted Cashews

Simple, classic, craveable

Savor the brighter side of Chinese cuisine with chef Jet’s kung pao for Freshly—a vibrant constellation of stir-fried veggies, seared steak, and steamy basmati rice. His recipe draws on a rich culinary tradition passed down from his Cantonese grandmother and Thai-Chinese parents. 

Seeking the perfect balance of deep savoriness with acidity, sweetness, and a hit of heat, Jet’s signature kung pao sauce is layered with notes of garlic, ginger, chile, lime, plus a touch of coconut sap and honey.

Chef Sean Brock

Born and raised in the shadow of Virginia’s Appalachian mountains, Sean Brock was schooled in the soil, the cycles, and the seasons from a young age by his grandmother Audrey. She planted the seeds that would flourish into Sean’s thoroughly modern, deeply passionate, and super seasonal philosophy of Southern eating. 

Countless award-winning restaurants, James Beard Awards, and New York Times-Bestselling books later, Sean is rightly revered as a luminary of American food and a champion for Southern foodways and hospitality.

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Southern-Inspired Pork Chop
with Sweet Potato Purée & Brown-Butter Greens

Traditions made modern

Sweet meets savory in chef Sean Brock’s elevated ode to the American South for Freshly. Think: tender oven-roasted pork, decadent sweet potato purée, brown-butter spinach, and earthy roasted mushrooms with sassafras.
Celebrating the time-honored pairing of pork, sweet potato and greens, Sean elevates his sweet potato purée with a touch of orange juice to enhance its natural flavor. Other signature touches include a pinch of aromatic sassafras—a native plant Sean grew up digging in the mountains.

Chef Kristen Kish

Born in Korea and adopted by her family in Michigan, Kristen Kish blends her Korean roots with French and Italian culinary know-how, and the feel-good familiarity of nostalgic dishes from her Midwestern upbringing. It’s a winning formula that’s refined yet refreshingly unfussy—placing heart over ostentation. In short, it’s food that makes you feel full, loved, and nourished.

Today, Kristen balances her role as executive chef and partner at Austin’s Arlo Grey with cookbook writing and a steady stream of TV appearances, including hosting duties on truTV’s Fast Foodies, sparked by her triumphant run on season 10 of Top Chef.

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Slow-Cooked Red Wine Beef Brisket
with Creamy Mash & Garlic-Oregano Bean Salad

A taste of home

For Freshly, chef Kristen Kish reimagines the dinners of her Midwestern childhood with fall-apart-tender beef brisket, red-wine sauce, creamy mash, and a warm mushroom & Romano bean salad with toasted garlic-oregano vinaigrette.

Her personal touches include red miso, which adds richness and a salty, umami quality without the need for excess butter in the red-wine sauce. Plus, a remix of a staple three-bean salad, which retains the tangy punch of the canned favorite, with an update of vibrant Romano beans and earthy oven-roasted mushrooms. 

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“Jamaican notes, Creole harmonies, West African accents—that’s my American symphony.”
“I learned the foundations of Chinese food by my YaYa’s side. The knife cuts, the right ingredients at the right time, the heat of the wok.”
“Schooled in the soil, the cycles, the seasons—I learned that nature is the best teacher. If it grows together it goes together.”
“Food is everything. It’s heart. It’s comfort. And that’s exactly what inspired my meal for Freshly.”

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