Purely Plant

Plant-Based. Protein Powered.

Seriously satisfying meals. Featuring our new plant-based protein. Made from clean, whole-food ingredients. Delivered to you fresh.

Nutritious, Naturally.

Good from the Ground Up

Our Purely Plant meals are powerful, flavorful, and satisfying—made with wholesome foods you can feel good about:

  • Clean plant protein crafted from peas, chickpeas, and lentils 
  • Vibrant veggies added to every meal by our chefs
  • Nutritionist-designed to nourish you naturally each day
A Better Alternative 

No Cooking, No Compromises

Leave the cooking to us—with chef-prepared selections and plant-forward ingredient swaps that make your meals easy + nutritious + delicious:

  • Gluten-free pastas crafted from brown rice and lentils  
  • Dairy-free “cheeze" sauce of nutritional yeast, cashew butter,
    coconut milk, and butternut squash
  • And most importantly: 0 franken-foods you can’t pronounce

Vegetarians. Meat Eaters. Omnivores. Flexitarians.

Tasty Classics, New Favorites: You don’t have to be all one thing or the other. With Purely Plant, you can enjoy all of our new, delicious plant-based meals alongside our traditional Freshly fan faves.

Unwrapped Salsa Verde Burrito
with Purely Plant Crumbles
Indian-Spiced Chickpea Curry Bowl
with Basmati Rice, Lentils & Veggies
Middle Eastern Falafel Bowl
with Garlicky Tahini Sauce & Whole Grains
Buffalo Cauliflower Mac & Cheeze
with Garlicky Broccoli

Ready to Eat Better?

It’s easy to start small. Add just one Purely Plant meal a day and prepare to unlock all the benefits of a plant-based diet. View the entire Freshly menu now—featuring over 50 zero-cook dishes crafted on-demand by our chefs and delivered fresh to your door.